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Investment: Lost Wax
  • Freedom of Design
  • State-of-the-art thin wall Castings
  • Reduction of Secondary Operations
  • Freedom of choice of Alloy
  • Weights ranging from less than 1 ounce to over 300lbs
  • Sizes ranging from 1/4" to 32"
  • Cast letters, serrations, knurls
  • Quality control throughout process
  • Curved Surfaces
  Lost Foam
  • High Volume - offset tooling cots
  • Lower Cost
  • Deep Cores
  • Repeatability - contour, straightness, flatness
  • Lightening Holes
  • Compound Radii
Sand: The uses of existing match plates or the development of new plates are available. Capacity of the casting is negotiable.
Permanent Mould: This method of casting is elected when exact dimensions are important and a high rate of production is required. Capacity of 80lbs. castings are available
Die Casting: From the smallest part to larger integrated parts - if your requirements are for constant dimensions and finish, as well as large production runs can be met.

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Die Casting Products

Partnership Sourcing Services suppliers can produce a wide range of cast products in Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Silicon, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, and more ...

Capacities :

All castings can be machined or assembled at the source of supply.

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