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Products - Name Plates

Partnership Sourcing Services suppliers can provide the following:

  • Tags & nameplates - custom or standard
  • Computer & laser engraving
  • Standard or custom metal blanks
  • Standard, square, rectangle, round or oblong shapes with any hole configuration

Nameplates provide you with permanent visible identification for your products. They are custom-made to your specifications, and are available with either mounting holes or pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

We can provide nameplates using any method:

  1. Photo Anodizing: Colours and designs are permanently photo anodized into aluminum, stainles steel or brass. This is not just a printed plate - the lettering is sealed directly into the material. It will not peel, chip, flake off or crack regardless of age or weather. It resists solvents, gasoline, steam cleaning and abrasions.
  2. Etching: Etched nameplates are extremely reistant and durable. Ideal for most outdoor and indoor applications. Print or designs are embedded into the nameplate and become part of the material. This results in a plate with greater visibility - even in very dirty environments.
  3. Engraving: A high degree of acuracy is obtained producing quality permanent markings. The lettering is deeply routed through the exteroir of the material to expose the contrasting inner core colour. Engraving is available in plastics (any colour), aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Dies for Embossing, De-bossing and Identifying

  • Skilled engraving of male and female die sets in brass or steel, which allows free movement of the work material without distortion
  • Steel dies are used for marking drums, tanks, and similar products with raised or depressed letters
  • Can also be used to indent the periphery of round parts or stamp flat parts.
  • Can used to identify high volume parts manufactured on screw machine or CNC machines.


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